Welcome Letter

East Valley Middle School opened in 2003, and although the outside walls of the building may look the same, what you can see happening inside has certainly changed!

Visit any of our districts’ four middle schools and you will find schools focused on ensuring students are learning essential content and developing life-long skills.  What you will also find is a focus on specific areas of interest for our students to study.  At East Valley, students can explore classes within four main areas of interest that include Engineering and Design, Health and Human performance, Music and Arts, and Language and Cultures. 

East Valley Middle School’s vision is to create a school environment where teachers and students are excited to come every day.  We want teachers to love what they teach, and for students to be excited about their elective classes they can take.  Our school has offered up to 27 new and different electives for students including courses such as 3D printing, horror studies, podcasting, lifetime sports, Japanese language and culture, and robotics.  To view our course catalog in its entirety, click here: https://4.files.edl.io/c3c6/06/17/22/152318-784b4439-f418-46e8-839b-22d4fef0722c.pdf


East Valley also recognizes that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted learning in many challenging ways.  Our school is committed to bridging learning gaps students may have in math, reading, and writing through a specific intervention period called WIN.  “What I Need” is different for every student, and these intervention courses change quarterly based on teacher input to assure students are getting the support they need.  There are also enrichment and mentoring options available for students who are not in need of extra help, and schoolwork time for students who have busy out of school lives.

We pride ourselves in building supportive relationships with our students.  We have a short period built into the day called “Halftime.”  A student will keep their same Halftime teacher throughout their time at East Valley, so even though their classes will change, they will always have this teacher to turn to for support.  It is like their home base. During Halftime, students reflect on their work habit scores, set goals, learn about school-wide expectations, learn how to safely use technology, and build relationships with their peers and their teacher.  In addition, students can participate in various clubs and schoolwide activities such as a Tug-of-War competition and service-learning project. 

We are proud to be East Valley Middle School Bobcats, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact us at 208-468-4760, or click here for open enrollment information: Enrollment Information - Enrollment - Nampa School District (nsd131.org)