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Paperwork & Eligibility Requirements

Personal Conduct is of utmost importance to our Track & Field program, its coaches, Athletic Director and all other staff. At East Valley Middle School, our number one priority is helping our student-athletes become the best PEOPLE they can be. As such, we will frequently remind our student-athletes that their behavior and composure at practice and at competition must be top-notch. Student-athletes who struggle with the our Code of Conduct, must quickly reflect on their behavior and improve noted behavior or be prepared to dismissed from the team.
Academic Requirements
Students must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA with NO F grades. If student has an F grade or a GPA under 2.0, he or she will be put on probationary status by the coaches. Probation means the student may practice but not participate in competition. If after two weeks the grades have not improved, the student may be dismissed from the team.
Idaho Health Examination and Consent Form (PHYSICAL)
The physical must be completed only one time for the 3 years of Middle School. See attached form.

Middle School Activities Release Participation Form (ELIGIBILITY)
The eligibility form must be filled out prior to the student's participation in any sport here at East Valley. This form is good for all three years of Middle School. This form includes but is not limited to information about medical/health insurance, Code of Conduct and Grades.

NSD Middle Schools Athletics Extracurricular Fee (ATHLETIC FEES)
$20.00 for any number of sports during the school year. Return form and fees to front office staff. See attached form for more details.

NSD Concussion Acknowledgement Form (CONCUSSION FORM)
This form must be filled out and submitted before practice begins. See attached form for more details.

Emergency Contact Information or ICE card
Each student-athlete must provide an ICE card to the coach prior to first practice of season. East Valley will send this card home with each student and it must be signed (BOTH SIDES) and returned to a coach asap.