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Parent/Student Guidelines

Parent Guidelines
1. Please do not interrupt practice sessions unless there is an emergency.
2. Plan vacations, shopping, and doctor appointments at times that do not disrupt practices or meets.
3. Please be prompt in picking your child up after practices and meets or make arrangements for them. We as coaches have families too and want to get home to as well. Plan to pick up your child from practice by 5:00 PM.
4. Please be positive in the stands. Refrain from yelling at kids and coaches. Practices and meets are not the appropriate time to discuss your child's participation. Please make an appointment.
5. Please do not play coach from the spectator area. *Only coaches and athletes are allowed on the track/field during competition. Your child's performance and possibly that of other players will be upset. Remember he/she is still learning.
6. Support the WHOLE team, including your child and his/her coaches.

All student-athletes must ride the bus to away meets. If parents/guardians need to drive their student to the destination facility, they must put it in writing and submit it to a coach at least one practice day prior to said meet. Parents wishing to have their child ride home with them after the competition must sign a release with the coach on the day of the meet. Student-athletes are not allowed to ride home with anyone but their parents/ guardians unless a written note (from the parent/guardian) is given to the coach and the individual taking them signs them out.

Discipline & Sportsmanship
Once we start practice ALL athletes will, at all times, do as they are told. How well we practice determines how well we will compete. Never forget this. We will work extremely hard; we will concentrate at all times; we will maintain poise always. When coaches talk, student-athletes listen. When we condition, student-athletes go full speed. Hazing, dissention, harassment, put-downs, or degrading remarks have NO PLACE on our team. SPORTSMANSHIP is always important, so conduct yourselves accordingly. ANY form of disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct shown to coaches, other student-athletes, officials or volunteers will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the team. This decision will be at the discretion of the coaches and/or the Athletic Director.