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Ride/Ski Sun Valley trip

What: Snow Team End of Season Trip

When: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Who: All East Valley and Columbia Snow Team members. You must have qualified for Dotty Clark Championship Race (participated in at least 3 races).

Cost: Total cost for lift ticket and chartered bus ride is $75.00 per student. Payable ASAP. There are limited spaces (48). You will need to bring your own lunch or money to buy lunch and snacks. ($20.00 should be enough)

Loading Time: 5:15am at Columbia High School-depart at 5:30. Load at mountain 4:15pm, depart at 4:30pm, returning to Columbia by 8:00pm.

Registration forms may be picked up at the main office. For more information talk to Mr. Neddo @208-333-0453, Mr. Stern 208-724-3065, or Mr. Banning @ 208-880-6348 (East Valley)

2017 Snow Team Sun Valley Trip Registration Form



Cell Phone :_____________________________

Parent/Guardian: _________________________

Cell Phone:______________________________

Emergency Contact:_______________________

Cell Phone:______________________________

Payment information


___Check Check #______________ Payable to East Valley Snow Team

Please sign the permission form below.

I _____________________give my child _________________________

Parent/guardian student

Permission to attend the end of season trip to Sun Valley, Idaho on Saturday, March 10, 2018. I release Columbia High School/East Valley Middle School, Snow Team advisors, and the Nampa School District from any liability of injury that may occur on this trip.

Parent Signature Date

I __________________________ (student) promise to act in accordance to the Nampa School District behavior policies, follow the advisor’s direction, and to not perform any dangerous stunts and jumps, and behave in a good manner that will positively represent our snow team.