Snow Team


The East Valley Shred Team is open to all students of all abilities  who ski or snowboard.
The program’s philosophy has 3 goals:
  1. 1.Encourage students to represent and compete for their school in a life sport activity. This provides a venue for many students to represent their school that might not otherwise.     

2.Provide a safe environment on the slopes in which to participate.

3.Provide a level of competition in which the maximum number of students can participate.   

If you have never skied before, lessons are recommended before the first race.  Bogus Basin has sessions in December and January on Saturdays, and over Christmas break.  Lessons can be found here:   
The events are ski or snowboard slalom, freestyle ski or snowboard, and  Nordic Cross Country.    The races are on Saturdays in February and March with the Dotty Clark Championship race at the end of the season.
The race season usually consists of 6 Saturday races in January and February , but due to Covid the season has been shortened to 2 races in February/March.  There will also be the championship race on Friday March 12.  
Sign-ups are happening now until December 18.  Races begin Saturday, February 13.
 Students will need to use the link on the Bogus Basin website to register by 12/18/20. We will not be allowed to add any racers after that date.   Go to Groups; then School Race Program; then Register Here.  Enter all of the fields and choose ski or snowboard, then events (slalom, freestyle, or Nordic) and ability level.  There is not fee to register with Bogus but we do charge a $25 fee to help cover our expenses.  Normally it is $125 but we cannot provide busing this year to the races.  We are hoping to provide  busing for the Dotty Clark Championship race in March.
Here is the link to register:
*After you sign up with Bogus Basin you  need to complete some paperwork for the school and pay your fee.  You may do that by going to Paperwork/Form on this webpage.  
Sign up now!  Sign up forms can be found on the Paperwork/Forms section on this website.