Dr. Gregg Russell Named Superintendent for Nampa School District

Dr. Gregg Russell was formally named superintendent of the Nampa School District at the Feb. 21, 2023, school board meeting, one year after his appointment as interim superintendent in February 2022. Russell is a well-respected educator with more than 20 years of experience in education, having served in a variety of roles including teacher, principal, assistant professor, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning and most recently, interim superintendent of the Nampa School District. 


Russell is a committed and collaborative leader who has dedicated his career to improving the educational outcomes of students. He is passionate about student learning and well-being. Personalized learning, project-based learning, and innovative teaching strategies motivate his educational foundation. During his time as a teacher and principal, he has received numerous accolades for his contributions to education, including being named the Idaho Education Association Region 8 Outstanding Principal of the Year in 2012. 


From 2014-2017, Russell moved to Northwest Nazarene University as an assistant professor in the Doceō Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. During his tenure, he oversaw the implementation of Nampa Personalized Learning, a program designed to provide tailored learning experiences for students. He also co-created the HACK Model of Innovative Instruction and published articles on technology implementation. In 2017, he returned to NSD as assistant superintendent of teaching and learning. 

Dr. Russell holds a bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Boise State University, a master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Idaho, an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership - Superintendent, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. His research interest focused on principal leadership and change management in innovative learning environments. 


“I’m honored by this opportunity to continue serving our families in the Nampa School District and am dedicated to achieving our vision of extraordinary learning experiences for each and every student,” said Russell. “This past year has been a great learning experience as I have worked with our community and district to turn challenges into steppingstones of success. We’ve also celebrated some extraordinary accomplishments with many of our students, teachers and staff, and look forward to building a stronger foundation for future generations.”  


Dr. Russell's office is located in the main administrative offices at 619 S. Canyon St., in Nampa. He can be reached at (208) 468-4600. 


For more information about Dr. Gregg Russell and his vision for the Nampa School District, please visit the district's website at www.nsd131.org