East Valley Creates a Calming Space for Students

A classroom featuring tables filled with sensory items, exercise balls, a tent, bean bag chairsOver the years, East Valley Middle School has experienced a growing need for a space that could be utilized by students with specific sensory needs.  Although a room was made available, they still lacked the tools that these exceptional students needed to be able to calm themselves, reset and be ready to head back to learning.   

Luckily, Crossroads Community Church was there to offer a helping hand. Over the years, Crossroads has actively reached out to support East Valley students and staff, from donating school supplies to providing teacher appreciation recognition.

When East Valley sent out a call for help with this space, Crossroads immediately replied, “Yes!” to fulfilling a wish list the school could never provide on its own.  At the same time, East Valley’s office manager Kareen Welsh went to work, spending countless hours creating amazing and beautiful tactile pieces that students could use in the room. 

A little more than a week into the new school year, the room already is being used daily to support our students who can sometimes be overstimulated in a regular classroom. 

The East Valley Special Education Department is so grateful for the continued partnership with Crossroads Community Church and Mrs. Welsh for their efforts to create an environment that fosters learning for all kids.